Trade Show Marketing Misery – 10 Deadly Mistakes That Spell Disaster!

By 16th August 2015Articles

If you want to guarantee disaster, huge expense and seriously

challenge your health in your trade show marketing, follow this

simple formula. Although these top 10 tips are somewhat humorous,

they are unfortunately based on real-life observations I have made in

many trade shows.

1) Think you know everything, even if you’ve never attended a travel

trade show. You’re convinced travel trade show marketing is for you

because everyone else seems to do it. Plus you’re not sure what other

tourism marketing to do.

2) Don’t do any pre-show promotions to regional customers and

prospects. You don’t want to spend any more money because your

cheap or max’d out your credit card. You figure it’s the trade show

management’s job to get people to the show.

3) Never talk to show management and don’t read the manual before

the show. You believe that all they want to do is try to sell you more

space or inform you about an additional union cost they forgot to tell you


4) Design and build the booth yourself in your spare time. Proudly place

your company name across the middle of your display in large 4″ type;

“Joe’s Fun Trips”. Load up the booth and table with dozen’s of small

photos your 7-year old niece took with “Brownie camera.

5) Don’t talk with your staff or create show goals. Put your old Uncle

Albert in the booth since he knows your region and trips better then

anyone, even though he’s hard of hearing and shy. Don’t have or

practice a strategy on how to approach prospects.

6) Arrive just in time for the show because you want to avoid extra

lodging costs. Carry and move all your booth supplies and avoid the

expense and hassle of shipping and handling.

7) Consider everyone in the show a prospect. Try to coral everyone

that’s walking by. Tell everyone what’s better about your trips and why

everyone else’s stinks.

8) Give everyone several of your expensive new 4-color brochures. You

invested the majority of your tourism promotional money into the new

brochures and you want to make sure everyone has one.

9) You and old Uncle Albert will work the weeklong booth yourselves.

Don’t drink water. Eat tradeshow concessionaire fast food exclusively.

Attends late night hospitality suites, drink all the free beer you can and

party with associates every night. Forget your breath mints.

10) Jump into operations when your get back to the office. Wait for all

the calls and new clients from your travel trade show marketing to come

pouring in.

If you want the top tips for how-to exhibit successfully, read my other

articles on travel trade show exhibiting on my website or here at It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. Successful

trade show exhibiting is something you can learn and prosper from –

unless you are old Uncle Albert.

Source by Tim Warren