7 Yard Sale Ideas to Make More Money at Your Yard Sale

By 15th August 2015Articles

Most yard sales make some money, but why not put a little more effort into preparation to make the most money? By setting up an organized and attractive sale, people will be more likely to buy, which means – less stuff left over and more money in your pocket.

These 7 Ideas will make a big impact on how successful your de cluttering event will be.

YS (Yard Sale) Idea 1: Whatever tables you are using, even if they are 2 sawhorses and a board, place disposable table cloths on each one. This will make them more attractive.

Y.S. Idea 2: Arrange items on these tables as neatly as possible. Arrange your small items to the front of the table with the larger items in the back.

If you have clothes, don’t lay them on the ground on old blankets. The best presentation is to put them on hangers, hung by size, age and gender. If that is too difficult, at the very least, fold and display them neatly on tables.

The worst thing you can do is pile them in heaps on sheets on the ground. The discomfort of having bend down to shop is a huge deterrent to sales.

YS Idea 3: Grab drive-by shoppers by putting your largest and most attractive items as close to the road as you can, without blocking the view of those nice tables!

YS Idea 4: Place your smallest items in baskets or in attractive bundles. If you are selling glasses, goblets, silver etc., bundle them together in common usable sets. Something like 4 glasses and 4 sets of dinnerware.

If you have towels, place them together in packages as well. Combine a wash cloth, face towel and shower towel and tie them together with a ribbon. They don’t have to be a match, it’s the packaging that will do the selling.

If you have figurines, create ensembles of 3 and sell them that way.

YS Idea 5: Group your goodies. Collect and arrange toys, tools kitchenware etc on separate tables (large items in the back, small in the front). Clearly label the tables – it gives the shopper the feeling of being in a department store, and makes items easier to find.

YS Idea 6: As items sell, fill in the holes they leave behind. Keep things arranged attractively by tweaking as things go. Once a table is clear or there are only a few treasures remaining, combine them onto another table and dismantle the one that is empty.

Don’t be surprised if you make more money then ever before. These tips will also work great if you are running a booth at a craft fair, flea market or any other fund raising event.

YS Idea 7: To add some visual interest, arrange your goodies by color. This works especially well if you have several glass items of various tints. Once again, large in the back, small in the front.

Source by Sue E Krippner