It Works Marketing? A Skeptic’s Honest Review

By 11th August 2015Articles

If you’re looking for a review of the It Works opportunity, you’ve found it!

About 7 years ago, a company by the name of It Works! was created in Grand Rapids, MI. The CEO of the company, Mark Pentecost, found a ‘body wrap’ which could be targeted to any area of the body to see slimming results in just 45 minutes. This wrap became known as the “Ultimate Body Applicator” and has drastically changed the face of the health and wellness industry ever since.

Does their product “The Ultimate Applicator” Really Work?

When I was first introduced to the concept that a body wrap could really help to facilitate fat loss – I rolled my eyes. But, in April of this past year, I attended an Expo in Cincinnati where I saw the It Works Marketing Team wrapping expo participants of the American Massage Therapy Association. I saw over 100 people wrapped that day, and never have I experienced such genuine excitement from strangers-all in one place. While I don’t know any of those people on a personal basis, I do know that many of those people came back from that expo with over 9 inches gone from their waistline.

So, does the Ultimate Applicator work? Definitely!

Company Financial Summary/Payment Plan

After a skeptical review of the It Works Marketing payment plan, it appears that they are in pretty good shape for the long term. The CEO of the company has extensive experience in multi-level marketing and a sound long-term business plan. I would say that their payment plan appears to be a bit too rewarding for their distributors to last.

However, they have long since surpassed the critical stage for a network marketing company to survive – so I guess I could be wrong in that assumption. Currently the only flaw I can see is a lack of tools and a dominating web presence. But, apparently, there is an extensive overhaul, and state-of-the-art web release coming this summer which is poised to double the size of the company.

So, although, I was very skeptical at first, the It Works Marketing team proved me wrong. They seem to be very well poised for long term growth.

Source by Brandon Walsh