Let a Muscular Woman Help You Meet Other Muscle Babes

By 10th August 2015Articles

If you have ever gone to bodybuilding and figure competitions then you know that most of the time there are vendors at the shows. Many times the booths and tables are staffed by women you might consider to be muscle babes. If you want to meet beautiful, muscular women then consider using this situation to your advantage.

Start up a fun conversation with one of the muscular women at the booth – or even someone else at the booth, talking about the products or services available. Then transition the conversation to other topics which are not personal, yet relevant and humorous such as some of the funny-looking characters in attendance at the show. Be cool, friendly, and funny.

Keep the conversation going to the point that you have some common interests and then transition the conversation toward other muscular women at the show. Ask her to bring her friends in attendance or fellow competitors at other booths into the conversation. Even get to the point where you, humorously, stop another muscle babe walking by and ask for her opinion on some part of your conversation.

By her bringing another muscular woman into the conversation and introducing you, you now have achieved a minor form of social proof. The need to walk up and introduce yourself is negated, and you can open the conversation with the new woman very quickly. You even can exchange business cards with everyone as it is more of a friendly conversation tied around the business of the product or service.

From there it’s up to you. Just remember to use this method to overcome shyness or the fear of initial conversations by talking to someone who is there to talk to you. You will then be able to meet other muscle babes and become much more comfortable talking to beautiful muscular women in the process. Being comfortable in such a situation is what you want as it helps pave the way for your next steps.

Remember always to be genuinely friendly, kind, and a gentleman. Evidently such characteristics are sadly uncommon at bodybuilding shows, so you can stand out as a good guy who is worth getting to know better.

Source by Alex Rex