Wedding Receptions: How To Make Yours Stand Out

By 9th August 2015Articles

When you get married, you want your big day to be special for you, your fiance, and all of your guests. It is not always easy, however, to plan wedding receptions to please everyone in attendance. Use the following tips to make the party after your ceremony an event that everyone can enjoy.

Incorporate Your Guests Into The Decor

While most wedding receptions focus on the bride and groom, you can make your guests feel special by integrating them into your special day. Create a walk down memory lane with a gallery of special photographs. You can do this by hanging memorable pictures with family and friends. This is a great way to reminisce and socialize.

Play Games

If there will be a wait between the ceremony and the reception, give your guests something to do as they await your arrival. You can create a crossword puzzle on the back of the program or a puzzle from the reception menu. The guests at the table can then work together to assemble the puzzle and read the full menu.

Enter With Pizzazz

We have all been to wedding receptions where the husband and wife arrive arm in arm. Give your guests something to remember by coming in on a rope swing, running, skipping, or dancing. Find a way to make a big impression and set a fun vibe for the remainder of the event.

Offer Dessert With A Twist

Many people have a sweet tooth, so involve them in creating their dessert. You can offer a cupcake making station or an ice cream sundae station. Offer different flavors and toppings so everyone can have the perfect dessert.

Bring In Unexpected Entertainment

Most wedding receptions have food and dancing, but if you want to have a more memorable event, think outside the box. Consider bringing in a comedian, magician, or tarot card reader. When deciding on different entertainment options, ask yourself what you and your fiance are interested in and what your guests will enjoy.

Create A Personalized Guest Book

Photo booths are quite popular at wedding receptions, but you can get a little more personal by adding dry erase boards. Have each guest write a message on the board and take their picture. You can then compile the pictures to create a guest book you will always remember.

Have Fun With Wine Tasting

You can create a fun and interactive cocktail hour with wine tasting. Offer a couple ounces of three to five different wines. Give everyone a small notebook that contains information about the flavor notes. If you can supply your own wine and avoid corkage fees, this can be a fun way to save money.

You want your wedding day to be a day that no one will soon forget. Get your guests involved in the special day by trying the tips shared here and your reception will be the talk of the town.

Source by Andrew Stratton