Dating Tips For Women – Find a Successful Marriage Minded Man – Part 1

By 9th August 2015Articles

The top 4 qualities men look for most often in a woman:

The first is Beauty. I know this sounds shallow, but the truth is that’s what men first notice when they look at you. Right now, competition amongst single women is at an all-time high, as are the number of women resorting to cosmetic procedures! As a result, men are used to seeing women who are very aware of their looks. Not only is their current look on exhibit, it determines if a man will stop and take notice.

Men are thinking how will you look 10, 20, 30 years from now? Its very costly and time consuming maintaining your appearance. The good news is that wealthy men are willing to pay for a women to have these procedures.

The next thing is Brains.

Yes, successful marriage minded men want women to be good looking and smart. This counts more than you think. Giggling and playing with your hair is an immediate turn off to men. You need to keep up on current events in the world.

These types of men attend events and they want to have a woman with them that can carry a conversation.

Men will not tolerate a woman who might embarrass them in front of a client.

Now comes your body.

Yes I admit this is superficial. However having a tone body is a necessary feature from a man’s perspective. The good news is that super skinny is not what they really want. What they are looking for is sexy, confident, and a toned body. Those are the main descriptors most men use when they describe the perfect female physique.

Now comes Balance.

Balance is defined as a woman who can seamless transition from a formal Saturday night dressed in a sexy black dress and heels to jeans, a pony tail and t-shirt on a casual Sunday morning without missing a beat.

Women should “shower off the office” before a date and wear a dress over a pantsuit. If you have long hair, wear it down. Men prefer this.

Finally, be confident. This is a universally attractive quality and can be the difference between you and another woman.

Source by Janis Spindel