The Different iPad Models Available – Which is the Best Deal?

By 8th August 2015Articles

With so many different models of the new iPad available, it can be a little confusing trying to pick the best one for your situation. Here’s a detailed comparison of the different iPad models and their features.

2 Basic Differences for the iPad Models

1) Different Memory Capacity– The iPad will come in different memory capacities, much like every other product Apple comes out with! Just like the iPod touch and iPhones, the iPad will be priced differently depending on the amount of memory storage you get.

16G– The 16 gigabyte model is the cheapest of all the models. This model will probably be for you if you don’t plan on putting a ton of movies onto the device. You can count on approximately 1 GB of space to be taken up for a movie. So plan accordingly if you want to buy this model.

32G– Since a movie does take up around 1 GB (depending on the movie!), movie buffs might want to go with a more memory like the 32G model.

64G– At 64G, you can basically put a ton of information on this device and not have to worry about it. You could put a good library of movies, music, and ebooks.

Bottom line- It depends on your intended use of the iPad obviously! One could easily get the lowest memory and just plan on erasing and replacing movies as they are watched. Others who want their entire library of everything available will want to get the larger memory.

2) WiFi only or WiFi and 3G- There will be two models of each memory size. They will be “WiFi”, or “3G and WiFi”.

WiFi Models- The WiFi only models will be able to hook up to the internet in any WiFi area. You will just be using the actual internet at that point through a wireless router.

3G- This feature will allow you to access the internet from anywhere there is 3G service. It should be noted that a 3G data plan will be necessary and cost extra.

Bottom Line- WiFi uses the internet. 3G you need a data plan. If you go abroad, you’ll need to turn on international data as well. This isn’t like the “Kindle” where the 3G just works.

So what’s the best deal?

We’ve yet to see what the most popular models will be for most consumers. The memory size is obviously up to how much one can spend and how much “stuff” they want to put onto it.

Source by John D. Emerson