Holding a Doctor Who Birthday Party – Doctor Who Party Decorations, Games and Ideas

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Doctor Who is immensely popular with children, and perfect if you have both boys and girls as your party guests. Think space, time travel, monsters and aliens, and with a little imagination it is simple to come up with lots of ideas for games, recipes and more!

Doctor Who Party Decorations

The main color theme for such a party is, of course, TARDIS blue. Balloons and streamers in this color would look particularly striking teamed with black.

There are official Doctor Who party supplies available, predominantly featuring the Daleks. You could add your own decal with cutout aliens and monsters from the show, or even a life-size standee of the Doctor! Try putting up black material decorated with glow in the dark stars and planets, or hanging cardboard cutouts of different planets. You could even get kids to design their own planets to hang up on the day.

Doctor Who Party Food

You can’t go wrong with spaceships and aliens, so be creative and think outside the (big blue) box! Make sandwiches and biscuits in the shape of UFOs or the Tardis, call a green jelly “Slitheen Slime’ and bake a birthday cake in the shape of a Dalek!

Doctor Who Party Games

As well as playing classics with a twist, such as Pin the Tie on the Doctor or Musical Planets, you could use official products such as the Doctor Who board game or Top Trumps as entertainment, or think up fun games such as a Tardis Hunt (treasure hunt) or What Alien Am I? A Doctor Who quiz always goes down well too with children eager to prove they know the most about the Doctor!

Whether hosting a party for children young or old, this show makes a great theme. So go ahead, have fun thinking up more ideas for a Doctor Who Party!

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