Tamron 18-200 Super Zoom Lens Review

By 6th August 2015Articles

The Tamron 18-200 offers a number of essentials for the avid photographer. It’s quiet built in motor allows for the capability to autofocus regardless of the DSLR camera. The autofocus feature provides a quieter way to create artful photographs with its 18-200mm zoom lens that allows for a minimal focus distance of 1.5 inches or 1.5 centimeters.

This lens has definitely been designed for the passionate photographer who wants an affordable upgrade from the factory lens that can be handed with ease. One of the features that help accomplish this with the Tamron 18-200 is the the gold band between the zoom and focusing rings. The controls of both rings have also been improved by using rubber patterns that while providing a smoother ease of use, have been updated to also match the styles of today’s more modern digital cameras.

A Zoom Lock has been employed with this design to help prevent issues with unwanted barrel extension when carrying the lens/camera combination as you navigate terrain to find the proper angle and light. It provides a high resolution quality and includes an optical system that takes into account the angle and light strength for each image. In comparison to other lower quality or more conventional lenses, the Tamron 18-200 provides minimal light fall-off.

The smaller and much lighter lens of the Tamron 18-200 has been engineered to provide the best quality for the price. It has Extra Refractive Index (XR) glass which helps reduce the need for a long and heavy burdensome lens without sacrificing the ability to take one of a kind pictures in one of a kind environments.

This new design also offers other convenient extras such as Internal Focus and low dispersion (LD) glass. Internal Focus is the element in the design which gives the user more predictable handling as the lens’ size will not change when the focus does. The LD glass reduces the tendency of colors of different hues to focus at different points in the image. The absence of LD glass can lessen the overall quality of the final image’s sharpness.

When using the Tamron 18-200 on a photographic excursion, you will find it is extremely versatile. Rather you are in need of a small portable 18mm or the 200mm size. And with the shutter speed set to go quickly you may even be able to leave a tripod at home with the 18mm, but good ambient light and a tripod is recommended when putting the 200mm lens to use for higher quality results.

All in all the mid priced Tamron 18-200 will give any photographer the ability to control how they take their pictures while serving to solve some practical issues like the weight of a camera being carried when out for the day or changing environment. It also has the ability to be useful in both low light and bright days unlike factory lenses included with most models. Tamron 18-200 even gives its owner sharper images and a more comfortable feel with better control that other low quality cumbersome lenses.

Source by Luke Darma