7 Fun Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

By 6th August 2015Articles

“I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant!” These words are likely dancing through your head, but before you blurt them to your husband the first chance you get, consider your timing and delivery. You don’t really want to break such amazing news over the phone, do you? You can’t even see his reaction. And the moment he walks in the door from work or golf may not be ideal, either. What if he lost the big deal or the game and is in a nasty mood?

By now you might be thinking, “Okay, then I’ll tell him over a nice meal. Fresh flowers, flickering candles, soft music, the works.” Nice as this sounds, it is rather typical, don’t you think? Why not liven things up and really surprise your husband?

It’s understandable if you’re bursting at the seams, but take a deep breath and contain your secret for just a little longer. The happy moment of news-telling doesn’t come along often, so why not anticipate and savor it to the fullest? If you’re looking for a creative new way to beat the simple “I’m pregnant!” announcement, and feel that this occasion calls for something extra-special and carefully planned, read on and choose from the following seven creative suggestions, or use them as a spring-board for forming your own unique ideas.

1. Take your husband out

If your husband’s the one who usually takes you out, now’s your turn. “I’m taking you somewhere special, but I want it to be a complete surprise, so . . .” pull out a blindfold and hope he plays along. While you drive, urge him to guess your destination. Finally, park at a baby store or a playground. Remove the blindfold and enjoy the befuddled look on your husband’s face. If he doesn’t figure things out on his own, say something like, “I thought we should take a look in the store and see what we like, because we’re going to need to things for our new baby!” Or, at the park, “We’re going to be coming here quite a bit in about two years-because we’re going to have a baby!” Then it’s time to celebrate at a nice restaurant.

2. Give your husband a gift

As you present the gift, tell him you’re giving it to him because you love him and you especially love the gift he gave you. He likely has not given you a gift lately, so he’ll be confused as he tears into the paper. Once he unwraps an adorable baby item, such as a toy, outfit, or booties, truth may dawn. If not, it’s time to fill him in!

3. Send him a card

This idea requires excruciating patience, so you may just want to hand him the card, although that takes away some of the mystery. For a return address, write something clever like “Special Delivery Street, Storkland, AM”. On a cute baby or kid card write, “To my new daddy. I can’t wait to meet you!” or something enlightening like that.

4. Bake a sweet treat

If you do want to share the news over a meal, get creative and decorate a baby-themed cake. Write a message on the top such as, “A New Little One is on the way!” Or, bake a batch of cupcakes. Instead of decorating them obviously, tell him there is a surprise inside his cupcake. “So eat it carefully.” What he doesn’t know is you’ve hidden a plastic baby shower favor (such as a small baby rattle) in it. (Poke it into the cupcake AFTER you’ve baked and cooled the cakes and before you frost them. Keep track of which cupcake holds the surprise.) Also, make sure the item is large enough so he’ll find it without choking! If you’re feeling really creative, bake a batch of homemade fortune cookies, inserting applicable messages such as “Soon to be a family of 3,” “A special delivery on the way,” etc.

5. Play a game

If your husband enjoys a good game, you could use this to your advantage, making up a riddle, crossword, or a puzzle in which the “solution” reveals the baby news. A great game to use for this is “Hang-Man.” Agree that you will each write a message instead of the typical one word. Remember to each use an equal number of letters (which you will need to determine). Your message could be “We are expecting.”

6. Honey-do list

Are you a wife who often hands your husband a to-do list? If so, surprise him with one that reads, “Bring up baby crib from basement” (if you already have one), “Celebrate,” “Buy a car seat,” etc. You get the idea.

7. Good night

This final suggestion is simple but effective and memorable. As you are about to go to sleep, tell your husband good night (here’s hoping this is normal procedure anyway, and won’t raise suspicion). When he responds in kind, tell him, “There’s someone else you need to say good night to, as well.” He’ll be confused and say something like, “What are you talking about?” There’s your opening. After telling him the news, don’t expect to fall asleep anytime soon!

There you have it–seven fun ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant. Whether you use one of these ideas or make up your own, keep in mind that privacy is still best when sharing such special, intimate news, so no matter how you tell your husband, don’t include a third party unless you’re absolutely positive he won’t mind!

Source by Therese Heckenkamp