How to Drape and Tent Your Wedding Reception

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If you wish to tent the ceiling of your wedding reception room you will need to decide if you are going to use organza or tulle yardage. We always recommend tulle yardage because it is easier to work with and far cheaper than organza. If you are handy with a sewing machine then organza will give you more shimmer. Start with a round hoop that you can suspend from the center of the room. Make sure it has a slit in it to allow you to slide your fabric onto it. Make a pocket by folding your fabric about 3-4 inches and stitching it. You can add to the drama by letting a length of the fabric hang from the pocket down from the hoop. Bring your fabric to the edge of the ceiling and wall and fasten into place. You can make this a full tent effect of have three or four lengths of fabric on each side of the hoop.

Draping your walls is easier yet. Make your pockets and string onto a heavy wire that you can fasten at the ends of each wall. Let the fabric pool slightly at the bottom of the wall so when you measure your lengths be sure to allow for your pocket and a couple of inches extra for the bottom. The reason we recommend tulle is that it does not have to have a finished edge and it has a light airy feel. It will also give your room a more intimate feeling.

Draping tables such as the head table, cake table and other special tables just needs some pins or a threaded needle to fasten it. Start at the corner and fasten, allow the bottom of your fabric to “drape” while keeping the upper edge even with the top of your table until you come to the next point of fastening. Just repeat these steps until you have the draping in place at each table. You can also add decorative bows at each point of fastening for an even more glamorous look.

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