How to Wow Your Dinner Guest Even Before the Party Starts – 5 Simple Questions Will Do it – Read On

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Your dinner guest already feel special because you have invited them to your home for a dinner party. But what if you do something before the dinner party to wow them and make you look like the best Host or Hostess ever? Ask them These specific questions to make sure they have a positive dining experience at your home.

1. Do you have any food allergies? These people have to constantly be on the look out at what it is they are eating. And it’s very uncomfortable to tell someone you cannot eat your food. When you ask them if you have any food allergies, it takes that worry off their chest and they think you are so wonderful for caring about their dietary restrictions. By asking your dinner guest this question, it will help you decide better what to prepare and that everyone can eat it.

2. Ask your guest what kinds of foods they like to eat. Someone may be a vegetarian. They are another group of people that are having to find other alternatives whenever they are dining with others. For you to care enough to bring it up first about what it is they are going to eat and have a solution, will put them at ease the day of your dinner party and they will appreciate you for it.

3. Ask them what they like to drink. What a pleasant way to welcome someone to your home by giving them the drink that they love. This will score you more good points.

4. Ask them if there are any spices that they absolutely cannot tolerate so that you do not add it while your cooking. My husband cannot stand curry. If my husband was at your dinner party and you had curry in your food, He would probably be pretty embarrassed if he could not eat your food. Score some more good points for asking that question as well.

5. If your guest is bringing someone with them, do not forget to ask them the same questions of their guest.

If someone your inviting has a whole lot of dietary restrictions, it will limit your options on what to prepare. In that case, just prepare something simple for that guest. That way you have wider selections on what kinds of foods and spices to use. Prep your foods the day before your party to break up the amount of work you will have the day of the party.

Look up an old friend or family member that always made you feel good and that you admire, and invite them to your dinner party. I once looked up a neighborhood friend that I have not seen for twenty years, I had such a wonderful time and we both felt like kids again.

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