How to Have a Good Halloween Party

By 3rd August 2015Articles

There’s nothing like a good, spooky Halloween party. People who love scares spend 11 months out of the year waiting for October 31. Would you like to have a good Halloween party that will be talked about for months? Great, because you’re in the right place. In this article, you will find great ideas on how to create a spooky party that guarantees your guests will have a good time.

Much of the success of your party depends on how much you have to spend. The amount of effort you’re willing to spend counts as well. The more ideas you put to use the more successful and scarier your party will be.

1. Ask everyone to dress up and wear costumes. You can give them a certain party theme to set the mood. Your theme does not necessarily have to be scary. You could opt for old west themes, Victorian-era themes, underworld themes and many more. However, scary is the most fun for the holiday.

2. Send your Halloween party invitations at least 2 weeks ahead. State the instructions about costumes, themes and the schedule to avoid confusion.

3. Supply plenty of food and candy during your party. Making your food and drinks look gross is a fun idea. Red punch can be made to look like blood. Different types of dip, like guacamole can look like vomit. You can also serve nuts or raisins and put fake, plastic roaches around the bowl. Another idea is to make Jell-o, and put fake gummy worm candies in the mixture.

4. Set the mood for your party, and make it dreary and dark. Drape black clothes over furniture. Decorate the room with black and red candles. You can buy old bed sheets from a thrift store and dye them black. Then drape them around the room.

The ideas above are just a few to help make your party fun. You should also get a digital camera to take pictures of everyone. Another nice touch would be to hang a spooky backdrop for pictures. You’ll always remember the best Halloween party you ever hosted.

Source by Bach Yen Beauregard