Fall-Winter 2008 Wedding Trends

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Okay, here it is another trend article for wedding trends of 2008. I do not want to bore you to death by giving you all the same information that you have received in other articles so I will do my best to give this some added flair…

* The number one trend is to make it PERSONAL you are a unique couple make YOUR wedding day reflect that. It used to be that a cookie cutter wedding was the only option. Now it is a wonderful way to express yourself.

*If you are environmentally savvy, then show it. ~In the day of online fabulousness take advantage of less paper use. There is nothing wrong with having a wonderful wedding site to share with your guests and provide as much information as possible this way. ~ Use recycled products for favors and make sure to consider washable dishes. To use less water try to find a menu that doesn’t require much in the way of cleaning. ~Also a new trend is to register for your wedding supplies and some businesses (such as ours) offer an incentive to customers willing to wait on shipping so that it can all be sent together to save fuel!!

*If you and your partner are outdoor enthusiasts show that in your style. A wonderful decoration right now is to use branches either in there natural state or spray painted. Bundle these and put them in large vases on the floor or smaller for a dramatic touch use these as a center piece.

*Maybe you are more of a sports fan there is NO reason that this cannot be incorporated into the day. Use your favorite team as inspiration by sporting there colors. Either go all out with it or use it for accents.

*If family and friends are your main focus make it family and friend “friendly”. Have fun activities for all ages. Why do people have to sit still or dance? Give them more options. A very fun new trend is to rent a photo booth for the event. I have researched pricing and options and they seem to range anywhere from $2000 down depending on options and time used. And in pretty much all cases this price included everything so that guests don’t have to find change. This is a wonderful gift to your guests especially if you offer favors that can incorporate these photos. Such as photo coasters or frames.

*If you are a classic bride however do not fret, classic is sure to never go out of style. There are still all sorts of wonderful ways to make your wedding personal and classic.

*Another growing trend is to hire a personal wedding shopper. There are all kinds of wedding sites out there and you need to realize that a lot of these businesses were started by people like me who adore weddings and planning them! Also remember that even if the site itself doesn’t have exactly what you are looking for more than likely the owner has access to what it is that you want. Go to some of these sites and find one that has the feel that you like then contact someone to begin a relationship with them. They can do the footwork so that you do not have to. Saving you time and potentially money in the long run!

* I can never stress this little fact enough. DETAILS are what turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary event. This doesn’t have to be expensive, just well thought out. Make sure that NO detail is left unnoticed. This really is where a wedding coordinator comes in handy. There may be an investment in the beginning however 9 times out of 10 it will pay off in the end.

* Colors~ finding colors that compliment the season is a very classy way to start out the affair. For example, great newer fall colors are plum and a steel gray for a classy effect or any variation of neutrals are always wonderful. As far as winter goes silver is always a timeless accent to almost any soft color or be shocking by sticking to silver as your main color.

*Lighting is a wonderful way to play up a space. Uplighting (available at most hardware stores) Can be placed in corners either behind fabric that is floor to ceiling or those braches we discussed earlier. You can also wrap the branches with Christmas lights.

*Cakes seems to be getting more and more fun as time goes on as well. Appliques are an interesting way to make a dramatic statement. Right now it seems to be that tall and slender are what to look for.

*The first taste that your guests get is the invitation. Make sure that it makes them long for more. There is no reason to send out a boring invite. Spice it up. You will be glad that you did.

* Menu. More and more people are serving their guests “family style” and it seems to get great applause. Another great food idea is to set up appitizer “stations catering to all different sorts of tastes. It is a fun way to make sure that your guests are continually offered nurishment though out the evening. Here are some more ideas from my friend Becky at

*Dessert & Coffee Reception

*Dessert only

*Build your own ice-cream Sunday bar

*Enlist family to make some favorite desserts

*Mini desserts can be a very festive way to decorate! (i.e. individually dipped mini-cheesecakes) *Candy Bar display different candies and pretty scoops in decorative jars and let guests fill personalized bags.

*Flowers are a wonderful part of any wedding and the bride’s bouquet is the star! Make this a unique extension on you as well.

*The simple way to add drama to the bouquet is to wrap it with ribbon which is lovely.

*If you happen to have a swatch of material from something sentimental such as your mother or grandmothers wedding dress or veil this would be a wonderful way to incorporate it. Even an old blanket or baby dress that you once had is special.

*Have you considered a sentimental piece of jewelry that could be attached to the ribbon? There are all sorts of ways to add you into your wedding. If you are using a wedding planner just remember to make sure that they know who YOU are. They can do wonders for you if you just give them something to work off of.

Source by Molly Guler