Innovative Ideas to Make Your Party Special

By 1st August 2015Articles

Tired of the same old dinner parties? Bored of playing the same songs and music? Tired of serving the same kind of food and wines? Here are ten of the most innovative ideas to spice up the next party or event at your place.

1.Costumes: A costume party can be hosted for all ages. Costumes and themes can be easily combined. Each guest can come dressed as a character based on the chosen theme. Themes like Hollywood, Indian, Medieval, Western, etc. are good choices.

2.Drinking games: There are alternatives to the usual beer-pong and flip-cup. Trying the Wine Knot, a drinking game which was once played by Portuguese sailors, is a proper conception. The Vodka party game is more entertainment with the Cold War espionage theme. There are lots of board games which can be played with drinks like tequila, beer, wine, vodka, etc. However, do remember to exercise admonishment.

3.Go Eco: What can be more amazing than having an entertainment filled party which is also ecologically comfortable? Hosts could prepare for party decorations and accessories which are recyclable. Using paper glasses and plates ordinarily saves a lot of money. Customized paper plates and glasses, with each guest’s photo on it, is fantastic plan.

4.Customized fun: Arrange for tiny pictures of guests and stick on them to beer mugs or wine glasses. For the guests whose pictures you do not have, make use of an instant camera. By this each guest knows which glass is theirs and will definitely appreciate your striving and individual touch.

5.Entertainment: If you are drained of the same kind songs from your playlist or CD collection, it would be superior to hire a DJ and have a rocking party. A karaoke and live band can purvey right enjoyment for an energetic evening. You may also think about using a projector to beam photos and videos.

6.Card games: The age old deck of cards is both enjoyment and low-priced. If the adults wish, they could gamble but it would be correct to donate the money earned, for a specific reason. This would produce your party an unforgettable one. As far as options are concerned, you are spoiled for selection.

7.Pass the Sand: This is a team game. Passing fistfuls of sand and later measuring the quantity collected by each team, is the procedure to play this. The team with the most sand wins.

8.Group storytelling: Write the first two lines of a narrative on a paper, and then fold it such that the lines are not seen and proceed it on. The next guests will add another line to the story. This goes on until the final person writes. This could effect in an entertaining story.

9.Truth or dare: This is still the ultimate party game. This game gets a lot juicier when the cards of truth or dare have to be chosen by a draw.

10.Kiss the Poster: Get a nice poster of the most desirable celebrity. Ask guests of sexes to apply lipsticks and kiss it. The one, who kisses closest to celebs lips, wins.

Using these tips will guarantee a happening party. For a perfect party feel free to utilize your vision keeping in mind the invited guests ages and numbers. Do not fear experiments as they may your party momentous for years to come.

Source by Jim D Knight