Halloween Photos – Which Are A Little Different

By 1st August 2015Articles

Would you like to take photos of your kids (and maybe yourself) in their Halloween outfits `witch’ are a little different? Why not take pictures of them in the kind of places that witches and ghosts normally inhabit, such as a dark and spooky wood? Naturally you aren’t going to take them (and yourself) into a real dark and spooky wood; that might not be a good idea, especially on Halloween night…

A better idea is to use a tree in your garden, backyard or home town as a background. Also, real witches and ghosts kind of pop up scarily from behind the trees in these dark and spooky woods, so why not have your kids pop up scarily from behind the tree? Or even better, why don’t you and your kids pop up scarily from behind it!

Just stand behind them and maybe crouch a little so that your faces are close together, then point your arms towards the camera and make your fingers into a claw shape. Then kind of make a witch’s expression; if you feel like being a wicked witch, sneer or scowl. If you feel like being a good witch, just smile happily.

For a ‘Halloween family portrait’ like this you’ll have to s-witch (sorry about that, couldn’t resist it) your camera to ‘remote’ or ‘delayed action’ mode and support it on a tripod. Alternatively, you could place it on a temporary support such as a garden chair or table. If you’re using a tree in your home town, park your car nearby and place the camera on the roof of the car. Wrap a coat or something soft under and around the camera to hold it steady.

Another idea is for everyone to pop up scarily from between the branches of a tree rather than from behind the trunk of the tree, if the branches are close enough to the ground. You might have to stand your children on a chair to do this (hold onto them securely)

There’s a photograph of some kids popping up scarily from behind a tree and a picture of their parents popping up scarily from between the branches of the tree in the events photography section of my Zenpics photo album (see link in resource box). I’m a press photographer and they were originally taken for a local newspaper, the Skegness Target. There’s no need to feel foolish about having fun with your children like this, it’s an essential part of parenting, just make sure that you don’t venture into those dark and spooky woods..

Source by Paul Gooch