The Benefits of Using Tanning Lotions Before Going Into The Sun Or A Tanning Bed

By 31st July 2015Articles

Tanning lotions need to be applied about an hour before going into the sun or tanning bed, and it should be applied again immediately afterward. These two applications will help give you some UV protection and speed up the tanning process. Tanning lotion following exposure will encourage your tan to continue developing.

The active ingredient in tanning lotion is tyrosine, an amino acid that encourages the production of melanin by the UVB rays. Melanin, oxidized by UVA rays, is responsible for skin color; the more melanin you have, the darker your skin is. Tyrosine also helps you retain a tan a bit longer.

Tanning lotions also usually contain copper, vitamin E and other moisturizers that help fight some of the adverse effects of tanning. Tanning damages skin and the antioxidant properties of vitamin E will help prevent some of the lines and wrinkles that form, especially on the face. Copper can help reduce the visibility of scars and other facial blemishes. Aloe Vera and hemp seed oil are other common tanning lotion ingredients that help neutralize the drying and peeling effects of UVA rays. They also protect the skin from environmental damage.

Be sure the tanning lotion you choose suits your skin color and type. If you have fair and untanned skin, you should use a tanning lotion with lots of UV protection. The darker and more tanned your skin, the less protection necessary; although keep in mind that some protection from these rays is still very important.

There are other choices to make — some tanning lotions are meant to be applied before, and some after, tanning. Pay attention so that you know what tanning lotion are getting and how you should use it. Also pay attention to scents, as some tanning lotions have very strong smells and some very light. If you like coconut or chocolate, you can find a tanning lotion with this scent, but you may want something a bit less obvious! Make sure the tanning lotion you purchase has the moisturizers you want. Tanning is a delicate process and you should be very conscious of the choices you are making because the right tanning lotion will help keep your skin safer and looking better!

Source by Tim Gorman