Create Your Own Celebrity Wedding Favors

By 30th July 2015Articles

Celebrity weddings can be a wonderful source for ideas, trends & inspirations that you can apply to your own wedding planning. Many brides may be put off when it comes to celebrity wedding favors as they feel they are just too expensive for them to imitate. But with a little creative thinking you can recreate celebrity style wedding favors for your guests at a fraction of the cost of the originals.

Here are some celebrity wedding favor ideas & inspiration on creating your own versions.

– Television host Dayna Devon handed out handmade velvet cones filled with rose petals. She hung them from every chair so that her guests could shower them with petals as they walked past down the aisle, after the ceremony. Make your own cones with velvet or velveteen fabric. This fabric can be purchased relatively inexpensively & you can fill them with other types of confetti if rose petals are beyond your budget.

– One celebrity gave their guests handmade silk trimmed boxes which contained the story of the couple’s romance inside, as well as their wedding invitation. The originals cost $125 each but you can make your own versions for much less. Many favor store carry nice boxes, which are slightly larger than ordinary favor boxes or why not give your guests photo frames with your love story inside. Glass bottles are another suggestion & are particularly nice for a beach wedding. Roll up your story scroll fashion & pop it inside, seal the bottle with a cork stopper. You may also silk covered boxes at Chinese supermarkets or on websites like eBay for a tiny price, however you may have to accept a variety of colors & designs.

– Celebrities like Britney Spears, Shaquille O’Neal & his bride, gave their guests silver photo frames as wedding favors. Real silver frames are very expensive, costing anything from $100-$125 each! Invest in cheaper silver plated versions for a mere $2 to $5 each. Hire a photo booth at the reception so each guest can take a picture of themselves with you both to put in their brand new frame!

– John Stamos & Rebecca Romijn-Stamos had kitsch 70’s style air fresheners made which were printed with a picture of themselves. These fun wedding favors were finished with words ‘Our love will last forever’ & the couple asked the concierges to place one on each guest’s car in the parking lot. Make your own wedding favor air fresheners with pot pourri. Fill small glass bottles & attach a photograph of yourselves to the front. Or if you know someone who can draw caricatures, ask them to draw one of the two of you, then copy it your computer & print out enough to attach to your favors.

Celebrity style wedding favors doesn’t mean having a celebrity style budget. With a little creativity & some imagination you can easily create your own versions within your budget. Making your own favors in this way will give your guests a gift that is as unique & thoughtful as you are.

Source by Mae Andrea