Recovering Pictures From Canon PowerShot A480 Was Never This Easy!

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Canon PowerShot A480 is an affordable digital camera for the masses. It’s simple, compact and suitable for those who want to switch to digital photography. The A480 is packed with Canon imaging technology features, such as a 10.0-megapixel sensor and 3.3x optical zoom, with Canon’s DIGIC III imaging processor and a 2.5-inch LCD screen. The camera supports multiple memory cards like SD, SDHC, MMC, MMC plus to store numerous pictures.

Though these cards are considered safe storage medium, there is a high probability of pictures getting lost due to corruption. Corruption leaves a card useless as one can neither store nor access pictures. In such a scenario, one can use the maintained backup to access the data. However, if a backup file is missing or corrupted, one can still manage to get the hold of the lost pictures by using a deleted picture recovery software. Consider a practical case, where you encounter the following error while you try to look through the pictures saved on the memory card of your Canon PowerShot A480:

“Memory Card Error”

The above error is surely an eyesore as it neither let you access the pictures nor save more pictures onto the memory card. In fact, it will leave you brooding what went wrong. Additionally, analyzing the causes will help you in choosing a deleted picture recovery utility if need arises.


The root cause of the problem is corruption. Whenever a card gets corrupted, the data becomes inaccessible and the system or related application gives errors.


Now that the corruption has crept in, one can still try and get the pictures before jumping to the last solution – formatting.

1. Clean the memory card with a soft cloth and reinsert it

2. Use a card reader to access the data

3. Try using the memory card in some other camera

And if nothing seems to be working, reformat the card in your Canon PowerShot A480 digital camera to make it save more pictures. And as far as retrieving data is concerned, you can opt for a trusted deleted photo recovery software. These third-party tools are read-only and help you to recover and restore data to your desired location.

Deleted picture recovery is a comprehensive solution when it comes to recover deleted photos from damaged or corrupted storage media like memory cards, Windows/Mac hard drives, USB, memory sticks, digital cameras, DVDs and other removable media. Even if you have accidentally deleted your pictures, the tool will come to your rescue.

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