How Make a Great Wedding Reception

By 28th July 2015Articles

One of the biggest draws to go to a wedding is the reception. Out of all the guest that you invite to your wedding a large portion of them can not wait to hear you say the words “I do” this is typical, and its not that they do not want to be there its just that they would rather be at the reception. Why are they in a hurry? because there is a good chance that the reception will have cake and punch and if they are really lucky, food. Many brides often make the mistake of pouring there complete budget into the actual ceremony and not the part that guest really enjoy and it does not take much to make your reception a big hit.

Have an assortment of food.

There are a lot of people out there that really don’t like cake, but everyone enjoys a good lunch or appetizer. Don’t go all out, try to find food items that you can make in large quantities that will not hurt the wallet. Things like Thai food and pasta and then maybe add in a few finger foods.

Have a Bar.

There are going to be a lot of people at your reception that will want to leave so a good way to have them stay a little longer would be to have a cash bar not an open bar. A cash bar would mean that the guest will pay for the drinks themselves because unless you have deep pockets you are not going to want to foot a 5,000 dollar liquor charge at the end of the night.

Have a photo booth.

This is something that is starting to become very popular you can rent one of these for fairly cheap and it will definitely entertain the guest.

Source by Robert Kyle