Guest Book Picture Frames, Photo Books, and Signature Platters – Creative Choices For Your Wedding

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Guest Books originated as a way to keep track of who witnessed a wedding in case any questions or discrepancies developed later on. They have evolved into books of well-wishes and blessings from friends and family and have become treasured keepsakes in their own right. In the last few years, the traditional guest book and pen sets have branched out to include: guest book picture frames, photo guest books, and guest book platters. Read on to see if you want to add a different and creative way of collecting signatures and well-wishes.

1. Guest Book Picture Frames: This unique and fun idea has really caught on. The guest book picture frame has a picture in the middle and then the mat surrounding the picture can be written on by your guests. It makes a lovely picture to display and to remind you of the love you were showered with on your wedding day. The mat is either paper or metal. These are perfect for outdoor weddings, afternoon weddings, or weddings that are less formal.

2. Photo Guest Books: Guests really have fun with this book. You need to supply either a polaroid camera or a digital camera and a table with the guest book and pen. You can also supply colored marking pens and pencils. The guests take pictures of themselves and while they are developing, they write out their thoughts, good-wishes or blessings for you and then tape the picture in. If you are using a digital camera, you will need to print out the pictures and add them later. This is perfect for a wedding where you know your guests would enjoy being creative and interactive.

3. Guest Book Signature Platters: Signature platters are another creative variation. These are porcelain white platters that arrive with a special pen for writing. Guest can sign their name and add any other thoughts or wishes they have. These platters are meant to be displayed and make lovely keepsakes.They are perfect for small, intimate weddings.

So, if you are thinking outside the book, try guest book picture frames, photo guest books, or signature platters for a unique variation on tradition.

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