Graduation Party Ideas and Activities to Make This Milestone Memorable

By 28th July 2015Articles

Graduation parties celebrate a very special milestone in your child’s life, so endeavor to make this event something very memorable. Giving some forethought to planning graduation party activities can help you accomplish that. What can you include to make it a really special occasion? Talk to your graduate. What would he or she like? Also, do your research. Then see if your ideas agree with theirs. Choosing a theme can really add really live to your party. There are many possible themes from which to choose, such as, a School Colors Theme, Hawaiian Laua, Beach Party, Pool Party, Sports Theme, This Is Your Life Theme, Profession Theme (about the graduate’s chosen profession), Dance Party, Cowboy theme, Mexican theme (or other nationality), Scavenger Hunt, and more.

For more ideas search the internet for “Party Themes”. Include a large banner congratulating your graduate. And why not have a photo shop blow up their picture and put it on a large poster board? (You could even blow up a baby picture or another funny picture.) Add smaller pictures of your child taken at different ages to a poster board. Balloons, creep paper, center pieces, etc. will also add to the festive occasion. Rent a big party tent if its within your budget. Now let’s spice things up with some great party activities. Hire a disc jockey, or have one of your grad’s friends do the job. Have him play your child’s favorite music. You might include songs that highlight graduation, such as, High School Never Ends, Breakaway, I’m Not Going to Cry, It Is The End of the World As We Know It, Graduation Day, Do I Make You Proud, It Is My Life, Time of My Life, and many more. These songs may bring some tears, which can add to the sentiment of the occasion.

You could rent a karaoke machine and ask everyone to perform. Make it a contest. Choose teams and see which performs best. Have a panel of judges vote on the winner. Have some dancing to go with the music. Consider a dance contest. Everyone could vote on a winner. Why not include some fun party games to create a lot of laughs and excitement. There’s Pin the Mustache on the Teacher (using a blown up a picture of a teacher, instead of a Donkey). Or stick notes with teacher’s names on guest’s backs, then have each one ask yes or no questions to figure out which teacher is “on their back”. If it’s really hot, you could have a water balloon toss. Treasure or scavenger hunts are also great. You could also rent a photo booth to give your guests the chance to enjoy taking fun pictures. Another idea to add some good-natured fun is a roast. Have the graduate’s friends tell some true life embarrassing stories about the graduate. Something else that will add humor to the mood is reading a poem you’ve composed about your graduate. You can fill it with love, humor, inspiration and whatever else you choose. Have fun with it. Consider having a slideshow of your child from birth to graduation. Add some meaningful music and humorous or encouraging words. For permanent memories make a CD of the slideshow.

Another recommendation is that you have a party guest book where your guests can sign in along with their advice to the graduate. Be sure you have a video camera to record some permanent memories of this special occasion. If you don’t have one borrow one. The key to a good graduation party is having fun! So don’t overdue things with constant activities. You can intersperse your activities with time for good food, drinks and plenty of time for relaxing and enjoyable association. And to conclude your party, perhaps you can just play tunes for your guests and allow them to dance the evening away. Considering your graduate’s wishes and the likes of your guests, you will be able to select from these suggestions, plus come up with ideas of your own, that will make your graduate’s party something that you and they will long remember.

Source by Shannon Summers