Enjoy A Quicker And Deeper Looking Tan With A Vertical Tanning Bed

By 28th July 2015Articles

Vertical tanning beds, which are also known as stand-ups or cubicles, are very popular these days. They are shaped like a cylinder and have ultraviolet bulbs all around the inside walls. All you have to do to get a tan is to step inside the booth and close the door. You can get tanned much faster, because all sides of the body get tanned at the same time.

Vertical beds are not only faster but also more hygienic than conventional horizontal tanning beds. Also, the fast tan technology used in vertical beds allows you to spend as little as three minutes a session and you can notice a change by your second or third session.

A vertical tanning bed is lined with ultraviolet light bulbs in a 360 degree pattern. This ensures that your body gets exposed to ultraviolet light from all sides and there is no need for you to turn over, half way through the session, as is necessary in a conventional horizontal tanning bed. In effect, a vertical bed tans your body twice as fast as a horizontal bed.

Another advantage of vertical tanning beds is that they take less space, and can be placed in a corner unlike the horizontal tanning bed that is spread across the room. However, one needs to be careful of the time spent in the vertical tanning bed. Overexposure can lead to problems like early ageing of skin, formation of wrinkles and even skin cancer.

It is always advisable to follow the exposure timings specified by the manufacturer when using a vertical tanning bed. These manuals provide different exposure timings needed by individuals with different kinds of skin. You can also check with commercial tanning salons that use vertical beds. They too can advise you as to how to use your vertical tanning bed properly.

Source by Tim Gorman