Beautiful Backyard Weddings Take Creativity and Planning

By 28th July 2015Articles


  • Obvious: A tent is insurance against the unpredictable weather. They allow shade in the heat, and cover against the rain. In cooler seasons, sides can be attached for additional protection. They can also be quite stately looking in contrast against the green of the lawn. To determine the size tent you will need, depends upon the number of people and the activities planned.
  • Not-so-obvious:Large tents will have exposed poles and supports. A good cover is tulle, it is a soft and lightweight material easy to wrap around the poles. Use your creative juices and there are several other possibilities: ribbon, balloons, crepe paper. Make a column around one or more poles using painted plywood, or covered cardboard. This is an excellent way to display pictures of the bride and groom in various stages of growing up.


  • Obvious: People love to see themselves, friends and family having a good time. Pictures make good memories for the bride and groom. They will be busy, being the center of attention, and will miss out on a part of the festivities. Disposable cameras set in various places, with tasteful notes letting everyone know to feel free to take pictures, are a great way to enlighten the bride and groom. Of course, the downfall on the disposable camera is you have to wait to see the pictures.
  • Not-so-obvious: Rent a Photo Booth. Everyone can take turns sitting in the booth and having their picture taken. There will be an attendant with the booth who will have each person sign on a sheet of paper along with best wishes for the bride and groom. The attendant will attach the pictures onto the paper and give a copy of the pictures to the guest. Inform the guests, before they have their picture taken at the Photo Booth, if they are not happy with their pictures they are welcomed to have a do over. Another suggestion is to have a friend or family member float through the party and take candid shots with a digital camera. Post someone at the entrance to the wedding area to take digital pictures of the guests upon their arrival;much like you see at a prom. Position them under an archway or some other photo enhanced spot. Have a photo printer set up to print out pictures immediately and post for all to see. If you made the columns for the tent poles you have an excellent place to display them. The guest will enjoy searching for their pictures. Important! Do not display pictures that are glaringly unflattering, that is the beauty of digital cameras and the delete button.


  • Obvious: There are rental businesses that will have almost anything and everything you will need; tents, tables, chairs, dishes, stemware, archways, dance floors, lights and linens are to mention a few. Go on line, or visit in person a few rental businesses. You can get a list of what they carry and prices. I advise you to actually visit the business and inspect not only the merchandise for rent, but the place itself. check with the Better Business Bureau and find out if there are any complaints against them.
  • Not-so-obvious: It is advisable to place your order well in advance to be sure your order can be filled to your satisfaction. Pay a deposit and set the time and date for delivery and pick-up. It is advantageous to cultivate a rapport with the agent of the rental business. Keep their card handy, you will be surprised how many times you will have a question or have something else you need to rent. It goes with out saying, but I will say it anyway, do not make a nuisance of yourself. If the rental agent did an excellent job for you, after your beautiful and almost perfect wedding, offer a picture showing how you set-up and decorated the wedding. They might ask if the can post it in their shop or on their website. Take them a piece of wedding cake and offer your undying gratitude.

I hope these few tips will prove helpful. A few out of many. There will be more articles on backyard weddings to follow.

Source by Ann Perritt