Make Your Prom Memorable With Flipbooks

By 27th July 2015Articles

Prom, short for promenade, is a formal (black tie) dance, or gathering of high school students. It is generally held near the end of the year and figures greatly in popular culture. It is the most important event in a high school student’s social calendar.

One of the greatest things about being a high school student is the opportunity to attend the high-school prom. It’s as if the entire school going experience prepares students for this one momentous occasion, one opportunity for unbridled enthusiasm and carefree abandon before he or she ventures into the responsible world of adults, at college or work.

It is for this reason that students spend a major part of their senior years at school planning for the prom. Not surprisingly, proms have been a prominent part of our culture, whether it is movies or dresses or books. Proms provide students their last big hurrah of student hood, as they carry away memories to positions of responsibility.

If you are looking to make your prom memorable and have already covered the basics of great venue, great music and great food, let us suggest something quite out of the ordinary – flipbooks. Although flipbooks on first glance may seem like a child’s novelty, it will allow you and your fellow students to preserve valuable memories, memories you will look back at fondly many years in the future.

A flipbook combines the accuracy of photography with the longevity of a book. Photos get lost and books become boring, but a flipbook with animated pictures of you and your friends will never go out of fashion. What’s more, by flipping through the pages in quick succession, you can relive those memories as if they were playing before your very eyes.

Of course you can take photographs and burn them on CDs, but none can measure up to the novelty of a book created in front of you, with pictures taken that very instant. And in spite of the advances of technology that may soon render CDs obsolete like video cassettes, books will continue to live on forever.

However, we are not critical of technology. In fact, it is technology that allows the task of flipbooks creation, that earlier took hours, to be completed in mere seconds. Immediately after photographs are taken, they are used in predesigned patterns of your choosing to create a flipbook on the computer, which is then printed out immediately. The entire process, from taking photographs to delivering the finished flipbook, can be completed in a few minutes.

If you are interested in this innovative way to make your prom memorable, you can contact any of the specialized firms which provide this service. From setting up the photo booth to taking the pictures, from designing the flipbooks to printing them out, they will do it all, and at very reasonable rates.

Weddings and corporate events have already started using this old medium to reap new benefits. There’s no reason proms should be left behind.

Source by Jim D Knight