Fun High Tech Ideas For Weddings

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Although weddings are all about tradition, there is still a place in them for the newest technology. There are some really fun ways that you can use high tech features to make your wedding experience even better. Read on for some of the latest wedding tech trends.

In a perfect world, every bride would be able to take her mother or other loved ones to shop for her bridal gown and wedding jewelry. The reality is, however, that many brides do not live near their moms, making this an impossible dream. Technology to the rescue! Some bridal shops actually have webcams in place so when you find that perfect gown and amazing bridal jewelry, you can show your mother, and share that special moment with her. A bonus is that mom gets to see what she is spending thousands of dollars on!

Webcams can also be fantastic for the wedding reception. If you have family that is flung all around the globe, the chances are that they will not all be able to attend your wedding. Make them feel almost as if they are there by setting up a streaming feed that they can watch wherever they happen to be. This is a really fun idea that more and more couples are deciding to include in their weddings.

Another wonderful idea is to surprise the bride or groom with a live message from a dear family member who is not at the wedding. A large screen is brought out, and the relative’s image is broadcast, along with their special message for the newlyweds. This is something that has become particularly popular among military families, who will often have a family member who is deployed during a special occasion. It also is a very sweet way to include elderly or ill family members who are unable to travel.

A fairly common way that couples like to use high tech devices in their weddings is to have an iPod. Some couples load an iPod with their favorite tunes in lieu of hiring a dj. It is a great way to save money and to ensure that you do not have to hear the Chicken Dance or the Electric Slide at your reception. Just be certain that you test it out with the venue’s sound system well before the wedding, just in case. Another idea is to have a live band, but use an iPod to play music during their breaks. This way, the party never has to stop.

When you are looking for ways to enhance your wedding with technology, also think about digital photography. Not only can you have your photographer take digital photographs, but as a fun treat for your guests, you can rent a digital photo booth for the reception. Your guests can go in and have snapshots taken in the booth, while on the outside, a slideshow of all the pictures is shown for everyone to enjoy. The bride and groom will also end up with a cd of all of the photos to add to their wedding memories.

High tech devices can add a lot to a wedding, without detracting from the traditional aspects that make a wedding feel timeless. You can keep the best features that brides have always loved, while including all of the technology that makes modern life so fun. Used well, technology will give you the best of both worlds, while helping you to create a wedding to remember.

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