Picture Perfect Fundraisers for Non Profit Organizations

By 25th July 2015Articles

Picture perfect fundraisers are centered around pictures such as baby pictures, cute pet pictures, ugly pet pictures, children’s artwork, etc. Pictures for your photo contest fundraisers can come from friends and supporters of your non-profit organization. Another variation of a picture perfect fundraiser is to have a photo booth where individuals or families can have their picture take. Adding a picture perfect fundraisers to other events to will increase the amount of funds raised at the event without increasing the time needed for the event.

There are many different ways to raise funds for non-profit organizations. Most of these fundraisers take a lot of time for planning, organizing, advertising the event, decorating and holding the event itself. Most non-profit organizations are only able to hold a few fundraisers each year because of the great time commitment. Picture perfect fundraisers can help increase the amount of funds raised without holding a separate event.

Fundraisers using dominated pictures

The non-profit committee decides what type of pictures they want to have in the picture perfect contest. These pictures could be pictures of babies, cute pets, ugly pets, exotic pets, best dads, best moms, vacations, landscape, flowers, or any thing in your area people take pictures of. Supporters who want their pictures to be part of the contest need to take the picture to the non-profit organizations the day before the event. For the fundraiser event the pictures are posted on a board or wall with a table near by for the voting. Each picture receives a number. Guests at the fundraiser vote for their favorite picture by buying tickets, writing the number of the picture on the ticket and placing it in the appropriate box. You can have several boxes; cutest, funniest, most talented and grand prize. Guests can buy as many votes as they want to make sure their favorite picture wins. Before the evening ends the votes are counted and a ribbon is placed by the winning pictures. It is also a good idea to have a nice gift for the grand prize winner. This will encourage supporters to submit pictures and come to the event to vote for their picture.

Photo booth fundraisers

For this fundraiser you will need a person who has the equipment to take and develop pictures at the event. This can either be a Polaroid camera or a digital camera hooked to a laptop computer and a printer. You may want to decorate a small area and have costumes ready for guest to have their picture taken. You may have a throne with crowns and robes so guest can dress up like the royal family or western outfits with hay or Santa and his elves. When you use your imagination the possibilities are endless. If you have a person with the computer and printer that has a photo shop program the pictures can be taken against a green wall. They can then be place in a background chosen by the guest before printing. I would limit the choices, 3 to 5 choices, or the guests may have a hard time choosing which background they want.

With the technology we have available to us today it is easy to take and print pictures. Even our phones have cameras. With all these pictures around us a picture perfect fundraiser is a great way to show them off. Most people I know consider themselves good photographers. They would love a chance to help raise funds for their favorite non-profit organization by sharing their talent with others. Families also love to have their picture taken for holidays. Photo booth fundraises that are centered around holidays give families the opportunity to have their picture taken and support your non-profit organization. Picture fundraisers will take a little extra time when planning an event. They will also help you raise a larger amount of funds needed to help run your organizations. When people have a good time at a fundraise and have a picture to remember it they will want to attend the fundraiser the next time it is held.

Source by Myrna M Spader